What are the Laws of Progression?

What are the Laws of Progression?

The law of gravity states that any particle in the universe attracts any other particle with a force that is proportional to the product of the masses of the two particles and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them. In simple words, what goes up will come down. If you choose to jump off any height, you may rise for a while, but gravity eventually will pull you down. The fact is that this law is universal, which means that it will work in every country across the globe. Secondly, this law is continuous and consistent, which means there are no off days and holidays, and finally, this law is agnostic to race, color, or religion, which means that it applies to all people. These are the characteristics of any universal law.

If you study the lives of folks who have achieved excellence and greatness in their respective fields, be it Beethoven, MS Dhoni, Roger Federer, Charlie Chaplin, or Warren Buffet, you come across a few consistent observations – They overcame personal struggles, they encountered failures on their way to success, they were prepared to lose all in order to gain, they took risks, they were criticized a lot, but more importantly, they embraced certain behavioral traits and mental postures. This is exactly what we term as the “Laws of Progression”. There are 10 such laws that, when applied, will give you the keys to making significant progress at your job, vocation, career, or business.

I would love to personally take you through these 10 Laws of Progression and watch you make significant progress so that you don’t continue to strive but you start to thrive instead.

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