Masterclass Presentations – 7th October 2017

Masterclass Presentations is a workshop that focuses on how to present effectively and communicate in a way that will enable you to leave an impression. We had 37 delegates from over 9 companies for this workshop.

Netzsch Technologies – 31st July 2017

We conducted a whole day workshop for Netzsch Technologies, India. Through the day, Rajiv Chelladurai and our team trained 45 employees. This workshop was divided into two parts, 'Mind Your Mind' and 'Wisdom Workout'.

Saraswat Bank – 21st September 2017

We conducted a workshop with Saraswat Bank on 'Pursuing Greatness'. This workshop gave valuable insight to the attendees on how to tap into their individual potential and excel in all that they do.

St. Xaviers College, Mumbai – 15th November 2017

It was an absolute privilege for us to conduct a workshop on \'Harnessing Emotional Intelligence at the Workplace\' for the psychology students of St. Xavier\'s College, Mumbai.  Our vision is to impact lives through our inside-out transformational modules. Hence, it was a special opportunity to equip highly potential students and add value to their lives.