Heartstyles Leadership Assessment & Coaching

Leadership is all about being effective and so most Leaders need to operate from Above the Line but in reality most of them do Below the Line.
What is Above the Line and Below the Line Leadership and why are Leaders being ineffective? Simply put, Above the Line Leadership is being effective and Below the Line Leadership is being ineffective.

Why are Leaders ineffective? Leaders are ineffective because they are not able to bridge the gap between knowledge and behavior.
We know a lot of things but we rarely get down to doing it, that is because what drives our behavior is either Pride or Ego or maybe Fear, or maybe unpleasant incidents from the past and we start operating from those thoughts and memories. And if we do, we start living and exhibiting Below the Line Leadership.

In reality, we have been operating and living it for years and now it is hard wired at a subconscious level. Many times, we are unaware that we are exhibiting or living ineffective Below the Line Leadership. Let’s break this cycle and start operating Above the Line to make our Leadership even more effective.

Join us on this journey of a 2-step breakthrough process of the neuroscience of bridging the gap between knowledge and behavior and gaining back your effectiveness in Leadership. This includes a 360 Degree Heartstyles Assessment and A One on One Coaching Session with Leadership Coach Mr. Rajiv Chelladurai.