The Circle of Personal Excellence (COPE) is a carefully curated personal excellence development virtual workshop for individuals who are keen on translating potential into high performance.
Self-improvement is the catalyst for growth and personal effectiveness, but it needs to be a continuous and consistent effort and not a random sporadic activity. Unfortunately, because of our busy lives, we usually don’t have the time or energy to invest into any self-improvement.
COPE is your trusted partner for guaranteed self-improvement. A simple format covering vital themes that will enable you to process, apply, and thereby experience breakthroughs both personally and professionally. COPE operates with the principle of inside-out transformation.

Features of COPE modules:

  • Interactive online webinars
  • Two or three one-hour weekly sessions per module
  • Extremely affordable participation fees
  • Personal attention
  • Maximum of only 30 participants per batch
  • Recorded versions of each session available for participants in case they miss a session.