We customise our transformation modules to suit the specific needs of your organisation. Every organisation has a unique personality, its own set of challenges and its way of doing things. Taking this into account we design workshops that will tackle issues with relevant inspiration and mind-challenging material.

Below is a short description of a few of our transformation modules:

  • This module is designed to enable individuals to assess their Emotional Quotient and to then learn how to harness their emotions effectively in the workplace. It is designed to help one increase their EI so that their relationships at work, productivity, decision-making, execution, leadership, etc. are all impacted in a positive way.
  • This module specialises in optimising managerial effectiveness in leaders and focuses on the aspects of leadership that will enable them to become wholistic managers i.e. leading self, leading others, leading business and leading change.
  • A manager is more than just a role within an organisation. The core competency of a manager is to mentor, lead and coach individuals in their team to perform and execute tasks with excellence and passion. This module transforms the way managers think helping them to become coaches and mentors.
  • All things being equal among two individuals — be it education, upbringing, talent and opportunities — the one who practices wisdom is the one who is destined to get ahead. Wisdom is the X-factor. Like anything precious and valuable, it needs to be desired and pursued. This module is designed to exercise individuals minds to practice wisdom on daily basis.
  • The mind is the powerhouse that drives our decision-making, choices, leadership, relationships, responses and performance at work. This module tackles the different aspects of how one can master their mind and channel the power of their ‘thinking’ to impact their ‘doing’.
  • Motivation is so essential in organisational teams. Without it, productivity and performance both can be affected majorly. A lot of leaders engage in traditional motivation methods but this module takes leaders to the root of motivation, helping them understand human behaviour and what are the various reasons and ways to motivate. The module also assesses current motivation quotient in an individual and at an organisational level. It helps draw up a specific action plan to raise the MQ to the required level.


Interventions are a service we offer that go beyond just a few transformation modules within an organisation.
It is a consultancy service that pans over a period of time and involves the following stages:

  • Diagnosis of the problem or opportunity:

    At this stage, we collaborate with your organisation to understand specific issues and unique challenges facing your organisation.

  • Conceptualizing a solution: 

    At this stage, we conceptualize a bespoke training solution for your organisation that has custom transformation modules that address the specific challenges identified.

  • Piloting the solution: 

    Once our bespoke solution is in place, we pilot the solution in a small scale.

  • Execution at scale:

    Once the pilot takes off, we replicate the solution at a large scale in the organisation.

  • Realising benefits: 

    We will help organisations analyse the growth and benefits of the solution and keep overcoming the challenges identified in the beginning.