Are You a Manager Who Stands Out from the Rest?

Are You a Manager Who Stands Out from the Rest?

A good manager is someone who can motivate their employees from the moment they step into the room. They have the ability to enable people to work effectively and to their full potential. Anyone within an organisation has the potential to become a leader, but it is imperative for a  manager to be a good leader. A manager who is also an excellent leader has the power to influence organisational culture and long-term effectiveness of an organisation. For this reason, it is vital for organisations to have managers that are not just good at managing resources, projects and tasks but also have the ability to create an environment that enables their team to excel and grow.

Here are 6 tips to be a manager that stands out from the rest.

  1. Delegate
    The key to effective management is to delegate work along with certain responsibilities. Tasks delegated with responsibility automatically makes the employee feel important and this will motivate them to work hard and be more productive. Micromanaging tasks and people is a highly ineffective way of working and it creates an environment on mistrust and frustration.
  2. Set Goals
    As a manager, setting goals for your employees is crucial to their growth and success. Amidst busy schedules and deadlines it is important for managers to spend time with their team to work together and set goals and expectations. Goals help motivate employees and gives them a sense of direction and purpose. It is important to set specific and measurable goals with your employees and then monitor them regularly to ensure that they are achieving them.
  3. Communicate
    Communication is important, crucial and critical when it comes to building your team and being a great manager. Firstly, it is important for managers to keep their team in the loop about work-related news or even informal communication. This automatically helps create an environment of trust. Secondly, a good manager needs to be tactful while communicating to their employees especially when they make a mistake or goof up. The secret is to RESPOND and not REACT. Also, words of affirmation go a long way to help boost the employee’s confidence. According to research here are 6 things that employees want to hear.
    – Thanks for that!
    – How are you?
    – Yes, I see you.
    – Yes, I know you are working hard.
    – Thanks!
    – Yes, I know you have an opinion and it does matter.
  4. Make time
    Leadership is a ‘people job’. When an employee needs to talk to you for whatever reason make sure you make time for them and focus on the employee who needs your attention.
  5. Recognise Achievements
    Every employee wants to do a good job and be recognised for their hard work. A great leader needs to recognize this and take the time to appreciate their employees when they do a good job. Apart from recognizing their efforts and appreciating them, a good manager should also inspire them. A leader who inspires others creates within them the desire to dream big, achieve, grow and most importantly not to remain stagnant.
  6. Serious Fun
    Being in a position of a manager is serious business. Targets need to be achieved, clients needs to be happy, products and services needs to be sold and delivered and money needs to be made. Despite the gravity of these roles it is important for the manager to ensure that the work environment is fun making employees want to work. When employees see that their manager has their best interest in mind they will be loyal and motivated.


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