A Leadership Style that Transforms

A Leadership Style that Transforms

If you are in a position to influence a person or persons you are in a position of leadership. There exist different styles of leadership namely leadership by power, leadership by position, leadership by affluence but the highest form of leadership is servant leadership.

So what is servant leadership?

1) Servant leadership is expressed by serving those being led rather than managing those who serve.
2) Servant leadership is about accepting people despite their idiosyncrasies, flaws and selfishness and choosing to love and lead them the way they are. It is this attitude that initiates a transformation amongst those being led.
3) Servant leadership is leadership through action rather than loud words. Servant leaders never promote themselves they always promote the purpose being pursued and the people being led.
4) Servant leadership is never about leading by designation but is always about leading people towards a higher purpose.
5) Servant leadership is always leading by example. Servant leaders always walk the talk and the fuel of servant leadership is the sacrifice.
6) Servant leadership values people more than the task not to say that the task isn’t important. The driving force of this leadership style is that if people are valued almost always productivity is taken care of.The goal of servant leadership is not profit, prosperity or position at best they are byproducts but the goal is to produce more leaders. Some of the greatest movements that have outlasted the generations are those that have had servant leadership at its core. Servant leaders make things happen but more importantly transform people they lead and cause them to live life to their fullest potential.

Yes, there are several books, theories and views on leadership but at the end of the day, people don’t care about how much you know until they know how much you care. This is what causes servant leadership to be the highest form of leadership. I encourage you to think, introspect and deliberately practice servant leadership.