#UnspokenConversations: A Mental Health Initiative

#UnspokenConversations: A Mental Health Initiative

April 8th is World Health Day, and this April, we want to encourage conversations about mental health at the workplace.

Often, organizations have in place physical wellness initiatives to help employees assess and address their physiological issues. But mental and emotional health issues are often overlooked because there is still stigma attached to mental illness both inside and outside the workplace. Yet, issues like depression and stress are on the steep rise among Indian employees. Employees fear that if they speak about facing such issues, they will be perceived as irresponsible, lazy, or dangerous. These bottled-up issues not only cause employees significant distress, but also affect the bottom line of organizations through absenteeism and lost productive hours.

#UnspokenConversations is an Ergos Mind initiative to help organizations have important conversations about mental health in the workplace and to present employees with effective tools for dealing with mental and emotional health issues.

Our bespoke module on Employee Emotional Wellness is led by a team of qualified Clinical Psychologists who will be able to help employees on an individual level through one-on-one sessions. This module is designed to bring about awareness of the above mentioned mental and emotional issues so that employees don’t feel like they are alone. We also address and discuss mental issues so that they are de-stigmatized and employees feel free to deal with their struggles.

Our module consists of
  • A group session for 25 employees
  • 1-on-1 counseling sessions to help employees on an individual level
  • Provision of valuable resources and material for reference
  • Very affordable and customizable packages
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