Inside-Out Transformation

We specialise in capacity building within entities to
usher organisational change from the inside-out.

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Ergos Mind is an organisation specializing in transformation that focuses on individual internal change to bring about external organisational impact. Often organisations tend to focus on changing things in individuals and teams at a surface level but overlook the power of the ‘mind’!
The ‘mind’ is where most battles are fought, where decisions are made and where inspiration is birthed. Change and growth in organisations and individuals is only lasting when it come from ‘inside-out’ rather than ‘outside-in’.

Before we accomplish anything in the physical realm we need to first accomplish it in our mind.

Rajiv Chelladurai
Transformation Modules
We formulate bespoke training modules that are aimed at transforming mindsets in your organisation and developing capacity within to realise your overall goals.
Change Consultants
We journey with  your organisation over a period of time and once you’ve identified specific areas that need change, we help bring that about through our transformation modules.
Inspiring Interventions
Our interventions are aimed at inspiring your workforce to achieve organisation goals. They are uniquely designed for transformation inside your organisation that will lead to impact on the outside.