Aawaz Individual

Aawaz is an Individual Wellness Platform by Ergos Mind that is powered by human touch and driven by technology. It is a combination of well-being resources accessible to individuals via a mobile application along with expert personal training and counselling. Through Aawaz, we aim help individuals achieve holistic wellness in a way that doesn’t just benefit them but also others around them.

Aawaz Features

Self-Help Content
We have self-help content curated by our psychological experts
Connect with Experts
You have the ability to connect directly with an expert and speak to them
Mood Monitor
Through the app, you can monitor your moods every day.
Self-paced Learning
You can learn from the library of content at your pace and convenience
Latest Information
Access the latest information regarding mental health from around the web
Coping Techniques
Learn effective coping techniques from our experts

You can access the benefits of Aawaz right away, by purchasing a membership to the application and downloading it and starting to use it regularly!